Sunday, September 21, 2008

My troubled mind!!!

an update on the last post
Yes, i did have a chat with the teacher. She seemed taken aback that he had zeroed onto the cross and the nailing part...becase it was not pointed out to them. It was stressed to me that the whole thing was more an exercise to tell them about values, morals?!!!! I'm sure they could have learnt about values from another source?

I've told her a few things myself but i think its my fault for letting him go on this trip...i should have foreseen this...but he would have been at a loss if he had been the only one not to go...:(

i still think 5 years is too early to talk to children about diffent faiths, gods etc..each child must be coming from a particular background and is slowly being exposed to different friends, different faiths...every child reacts differently...and yes, maybe mine is too sensitive

In this particular case, junior felt bad that even some one who did good, got a raw deal out of it it was a lesson badly learnt.

and i've learnt mine...


Gauri said...

Don't beat yourself up over this Suma. One thing I've learnt all along over the past eight years - just as kids learn from experiences - we, as parents, go through a learning curve of our own too.

Needless to say, this is one unending learning curve :)

And I totally agree in saying that they could have been taught about values from a different source - rather than confusing them by bringing religion into the foreground.

Swati said...

I think we need not mention religion to kids at all , unless they read that as part of their history books in class 7th or so. Since by then they already know basics from surroundings and friends.

Preethi said...

yes that's so right Suma..Too much information for him!! Cheeky's school taught him "We are so different and yet the same" last year.. and I was not very happy about that.. we are all very much the same believe it or not.. but it was taught in best interests so I let it be!!

Balu said...

Hi Suma, I agree with your views that you needn't discuss about faiths and Gods with children till they reach a proper age. I could well relate to your previous post because I too studied in a Christian school where we were given insights to Christianity, which, as a kid I was unable to comprehend in its entirety and would come up with questions like your junior did. But with the passage of time,things started to appear clear.

Joy said...

5-6 years is a young mind. But sooner or later, they would be exposed to the world. We just have to learn how to tackle these, esp if for some of them I, myself do not have an answer...

Mama - Mia said...

kids are so sensitive to so many things, aren't they?

i dont even remember how i got initiated into religion etc. but it defi wasnt school that did it for me.

tough call this one!