Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oops! Junior's done it again!

Its been some time since I've written anything here, which does not mean nothing interesting has happened. It just means I'm taking my time assimilating everything and wondering what is going on!

Recent weeks have seen complaints by senior about swear words and abusive language being used against him. The final straw came when the boy in question started putting things in cub senior's bag and accusing him of stealing it. It turned out that the behavior stemmed from resentment and jealousy. An email to the right people hopefully has calmed things down. Aside from the fact that the cub senior's vocabulary is now enriched by more swear words, I'm stunned by the nonchalant usage of the words here. ...I've managed to ensure that cub senior minds his language,but for how long? I wonder...

As for cub junior, what can I say...A cosy evening found him playing with a new aiplane. His brother had been to the airshow and brought back a souvenir for the lil one. So while i caught up on some reading, junior was busy shooting bombs from the cockpit. Or so i thought. Till hubby pointed out, that what i mistook as cockpit was actually a reference to his err...vital part of his anatomy.

Further subtle probing revealed that he picked it up from the bus.(i use subtle, because to give the word undue importance only serves to etch it further in his mind and i don't want that, do i?) And he was thrilled with the new word he learnt(what he has to learn, he will never get it, but probs mamma, !!!). Leave alone the fact that at his age, in my time, the cock used to be the better half of the hen... :(

a mom on the warpath....a 5 yr-old who is the most willing sponge, for all things undesirable...fireworks unlimited!!!

And the tension of various situations he may use it in!!! Ahh well!!