Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a 'mushy' tale

I have to record this just for its "laugh" factor.

The kids are excited about the upcoming trip to India. They have cousins in Bangalore (my sis' kids) who are 15 and 11). My nephews in a way, are curtain raisers for whatever would happen to my kids. The last time we saw the 15 yr-old, he had started shaving, too.

My cub junior absolutely hero-worships the 15 yr-old.

Yesterday while we were waiting at the gate for the school bus, (a group of 8 brighteyed children chattering away while this bleary-eyed mom looked on) discussion veered to moustaches. Cub senior, (the self appointed mr.know-it-all courtesy his cousins) declared that when you reach class 8/9, u get a moustache...

of couse junior's ears perked up. He runs to me, thrilled with this nugget of information and asks, "is it true, i too will get a moustache when i reach class 9?" (his questions are still framed as sentences asked in a questioning tone)

i nodded,and couldn't resist adding "maybe earlier.. "

he looked excited...

next he peers closely at me and asks..."u don't have one?"


Now comes the howler...

"why? u didn't go to school, u never reached class 9?"

i really have to work on my image , don't i?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i've learnt a new poem...

cub junior came home yesterday, all bubbling with news...he loves talking about his day... every single thing is important, be it the taekwondo step he learnt or the chocolate he got...

"Amma, my hindi teacher taught us a new poem. You want to hear it?"

"Sure", i said

"Aaya, aaya , paagal aaya"

"huh, paagal? sure she said paagal? ' i question

"she said paagal' he insisted...

so i opened his hindi book and sure enough, the poem was printed there...

and it read

"aaya, aaya, baadal aaya"

obviously, he had heard it as paagal...and paagal it will remain... till hopefully the teacher notices and corrects him...(crossing ,my fingers here)...because a teacher is always right...!!!

He used to speak Hindi so well, he dreamt in it...i used to despair about him learning to communicate in English. Now 8 mths in Singapore, english has become his chosen language...and he's learnt it too well...more than he's supposed to know... :)