Friday, January 11, 2008

When six became....!

these days, the lil uns are taught alphabets the phonetics way...which is quite confusing for an adult...the alphabet I makes the sound "eee" and the alphabet E makes the ehh ...and so on...

So finally cub junior has learnt the spellings of the numbers. Of course we had a lot of weird spellings which cropped up but my favorite was...

Wanting to convince me that he knew the spellings, he says, " see, i know...i know how to spell six! 's'...'e'...'x'...six...(he's confused the sound part and the alphabet)

i take a deep breath, and say no, it is s...i...x...(six)

and five minutes later he's back to s..e..x...!!!
After 2 minutes, a question pops up... what does s..e..x mean??

so i sit down and explain....

the male /female gender thing...(*sheeesh, whatever were you'll thinking!)

and he went away happy...

but now knowing his penchant for testing newly learnt words, i foresee a situation in the MRT (train), where in the crowd, he may holler...i know his/her sex.....he's called a boy...or worse...could it get any worse?

Uhoh!!!I HATE SEX...AAargh! ...i mean six!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The sun wants to play!

the weather's been funny the past few days here in Singapore. You never know when the sunny day decides to be all teary...Today was one such day and my lil boy was feeling upset that it i made up this poem for him and we had some fun! Sharing our lil moment together...This suited the prompt at writer's too...
The sun wants to play!!

Over the horizon and far away
The sun woke up to a new day
Should I hide behind a cloud today?
Should I be bright and stay?

So he hopped behind a cloud, peeking in and out
Making the weather man shake his head and shout
It’s going to be bright...umm wet....may be sunny,
This sure wasn't good. This sure wasn’t funny!

Waiting for the sun to make up his mind,
Was not easy, they were beginning to find
Our umbrellas or our shades, what do you think?
What a mess, it tickled our sun really pink

Everybody grumbled, what a day
The children didn’t know where to play
The beach or the park, in or out
The sun was acting strange, no doubt…

No body ever thought the sun
Could be having some fun
Over the horizon and far away
The sun sure had a great day

This was more of a spontaneous oubtburst from me to keep S in good humor.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't ask me!!!

Cub junior is quite a dreamer. He can only sing the alphabet but cannot say it. He is the reason i sometimes wish our education system was different. I wish it was more sensitive to the child's individual needs. But then this is wishful thinking! The saving grace is that i don't force him to 'study' but try to keep his mind active. He is intelligent enough and its not his fault that he is expected to know spellings of four letter words and number names from 1 to twenty! The poor boy is lost in a muddle of spellings and the horrors of hindi alphabets!

But the lil fella will never say "I don't know'..he comes up with a new connotation..

Yesterday, we were doing numbers. ...after a long time.

I asked him ' How do you spell three"?

He looks at me, evidently flummoxed...creases his forehead and says "why, you don't know?"

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My son says...

Its been ages since i've written here. And this seems as good a time as any to start!! besides i HAD to write this...

We recently had little cub throw a not so little mega tantrum. The reason - the color pink. he had spotted pink on his shirt buttons!!!!!!
So now I know that Pink is not a boy color, pink is a girl color, never mind if the metrosexual male is flaunting it...Of course cub junior's views are never his own, its always a big bro influence!!


The insult of the month (equivalent to the swear word) is unfortunately the word 'GIRL'. When either wants to verbally insult teh other, he says "You are such a girl". what does that make me?

Yesterday, little cub junior grandly annouced "I hate girls!"


"Because Anna(big brother) says so."

Over to cub senior...

"I hate girls. because they are so silly!!!"

Silly!!!!!!!! I splutter...Sigh!!!

I give up. I might as well record it here so i can show it to his first girlfriend. or atleast show it to him when he starts raving about girls...

***Perking Up** :) :)