Sunday, July 27, 2008

In and out!!

It been two weeks now since the cub junior's been learning about the human body. It's fun to see how much the little ones enjoy learning new things. They had a doctor come to school to show them the different intsruments used and the kids were taken to the lab to see the skeleton. And now he knows why his heart goes thump, thump...and what his lungs do.

Two days back, after gorging on a treat of homemade pizza for dinner, the boys were in their room doing their routine of driving the neighbors crazy, while i cleaned up.

Soon, junior dances into the kitchen.

"You know, Amma, the pizza has entered my food pipe".

"That's nice, now where does it go" I had to ask

"now it's gone into my intestine, the good food stays there, the bad food goes into my biiig intestine' (that was probably to emphasize how big it is)

"okay.." now i'm understandably piqued ...

"and" he continues, "i think pizza is bad food 'cos its gone into my big intestine and it now wants to come out ...(he's literally dancing now)

"eeks!!! into the bath room right now!!!' I scream, my momma alerts ringing loud and clear

and that's how we averted a smelly accident that day.

sigh, pizza is bad food?