Thursday, January 10, 2008

The sun wants to play!

the weather's been funny the past few days here in Singapore. You never know when the sunny day decides to be all teary...Today was one such day and my lil boy was feeling upset that it i made up this poem for him and we had some fun! Sharing our lil moment together...This suited the prompt at writer's too...
The sun wants to play!!

Over the horizon and far away
The sun woke up to a new day
Should I hide behind a cloud today?
Should I be bright and stay?

So he hopped behind a cloud, peeking in and out
Making the weather man shake his head and shout
It’s going to be bright...umm wet....may be sunny,
This sure wasn't good. This sure wasn’t funny!

Waiting for the sun to make up his mind,
Was not easy, they were beginning to find
Our umbrellas or our shades, what do you think?
What a mess, it tickled our sun really pink

Everybody grumbled, what a day
The children didn’t know where to play
The beach or the park, in or out
The sun was acting strange, no doubt…

No body ever thought the sun
Could be having some fun
Over the horizon and far away
The sun sure had a great day

This was more of a spontaneous oubtburst from me to keep S in good humor.


Keshi said...

wut a cute one! I pictured the Sun as a human too thru this poem...


Itchingtowrite said...

very cute. u shud get it published. i love such impromptu poems

--xh-- said...

wow, that really a nice and cute poem.. hope cub junior enjoyed it and it helped to get back the mood :)

Anand said...

hey wow,
thats cool..lovely poem..well we have another poet amongst us!

Ziah said...

It is sooo sweet!:) Tell me the lil one loved it??:) You should consider having it published in a poetry book for the tiny tots!:) I can actually imagine them acting it out with cute cut out props of the naughty sun and the clouds..:)

I've always loved the idea of the sun playing moody. In fact, in my storyline for chap 4 of muffet, had something similar planned..:) Great minds think alike?

Thinking aloud said...

hey thanks everybody...i'm no poet but i love this attempt...

@ ziah...he loved it but after braying it out to the sky...thrice...he turns around and says "mistake....the sun can't hop...the cloud must have moved"!!!!

and am i waiting for chapter 4...:)

Shruti said...

wowie! such a cute creation.. personifying the sun. Well.. never really imagined what the sun must be feeling with all the heat and attention its generating :P

Canary said...

damn cute!!
good read, as always.. :)

Pointblank said...

hey... interesting way of looking at things! nice poem n a nice mom I Say!

Preethi said...

Such a spontaneous poem. loved it. And forget my daughter i couldn't find the loop hole here :(

Nerine said...

Great work.